• The name of the Society shall be “Institute of Mathematics and Applications” (in short IMA)
  • The Institute shall be administered by a Governing Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council). The Governing Council shall meet at least once in a year to discuss and deliberate upon the activities of the society.
  • Office – the registered office of the Society shall be situated at Bhubaneswar in the District of Khurda.
  • Area of operation / jurisdiction : State of Odisha


    • In these Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires
    • Society shall mean “Institute of Mathematics and Applications”.
    • “Chairman” shall mean the Chairman of the Society.
    • “Director” shall mean the Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications.
    • When a person is nominated as a member of the Society by virtue of an office held by him, his membership of the Society shall terminate when he ceases to hold that office and the vacancy so caused shall be filled by his successor to that office.
    • When ever a member desires to resign from the membership of the society, he shall address his resignation to the Chairman. The Chairman will seek approval of Government in Science and Technology Department before its acceptance.
    • Membership of any member of the Governing Council can be terminated by passing of a resolution by the Council which subsequently has to be approved by Government in Science and Technology Department to be effective.
    • Any vacancy in the membership of the Society either by resignation or otherwise may be filled up by the Science and Technology Department.
    • Should a person who is a member of the Society is unable to attend a meeting, including a Governing Council Meeting, a representative may take his place if duly authorized by him in writing. Such a representative shall be entitled to take part in the proceedings but shall have no right to vote.
    • The society shall maintain a roll of members at its registered office and every member shall sign the required form stating his occupation and address.
    • It shall be obligatory for a member of the society to notify to the Director any change of his address and occupation.

The society shall enter in the register of membership the following particulars :

      • Name and address of each member,
      • The date on which the members were admitted and
      • The date on which the members ceased to be a member.

A member of the Society or the Governing Council shall cease to be a member if he – dies or

    • Resigns his membership or
    • Becomes of unsound mind or
    • Is convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude or
    • Is removed by the Department of Science and Technology
  • The society can admit further members subject to the approval of the Department of Science and Technology.
  • The society shall function not withstanding that any person entitled to be a member by reason of his office is not represented on the society for the time being. The proceedings of the society shall not be invalidated by the above reason not by the reason of any vacancy or defect in nomination of any of its members.
  • The executive authority of the Institute, subject to the general superintendence, direction and control of the Governing Council shall be vested with the Director. The Director shall be responsible for convening the meetings. He shall formulate, coordinate and supervise all the projects of the society to ensure their successful completion and implementation.
  • All appointments of staff and their service conditions shall be decided by the Governing Council with approval of Government in S&T Department.
  • The Department of Science and Technology shall be entitled to obtain information, advice and assistance of the society on all matters connected with its functioning.
  • The term of the office of the Chairman and the members shall be for a period of three years and may be eligible for re-appointment with the approval of Government in Science and Technology Department.