Research programmes:

One of the main objectives of the institute is to promote research activities in diverse fields of recent interests. Accordingly weekly seminars are being organized in the Institute on the following subjects with a view to broaden the mathematical background which is necessary for fundamental creative work.

1. Wavelet analysis and application
2. Stochastic Process
3. Operator Theory
4. Fuzzy Logic
5. Geometric application in Physics
6. Approximation Theory

These lectures are being attended by research scholars, postgraduate students and teachers.

Wavelets analysis and applications
  • This is one of the hot areas of analysis which is hardly twenty years old.
  • Professor P. C. Das, Visiting Professor of the Institute is delivering seminar lectures every Sunday on Wavelets. Many scholars are under taking research programmes in this field.
  • Mr. Sushil Kumar Bisoi is working of this subject for his Ph. D. degree under the guidance of Professor S. Pattanayak, the Director of the Institute.
  • A national workshop has been organized on from 7th to 11th February 2004 by inviting international experts in the subject so that a strong wavelet research group can grow in the institute.

Core Group :

  • Professor P.C. Das
  • Professor S. Pattanayak,
  • Professor G. Das
Stochastic Process

Mr Saroj Kumar Das is working on stochastic integration, Random Fourier Series and stochastic control under the guidance ofProfessor S. Pattanayak. The project is funded by National Board for Higher Mathematics, a unit of the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India. The following team forms the core group:

  • Professor S. Pattanayak
  • Professor M. N. Mishra
Operation Theory

Mr Kedarnath Senapaty is working in spectra of operators in curve space time under the guidance ofProfessor S. Pattanayak.
There is a strong group of mathematicians associated with the institute in this field. They are

  • Prof. S. Pattanayak (Director)
  • Dr. C. K. Mohapatra (O.S.D.)
  • Dr. Banamali Mishra (Visiting Faculty)
  • Smt. Sumitra Patel (College Teacher)
Study of Cyclone

The work is being conducted on Study of tropical cyclone with a regional model under the guidance ofProf. S. Pattanayak. The project is funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Govt. of India.

  • Professor S. Pattanayak supervised the project of four M. Tech. students on Cryptography and Pattern recognition.
  • Sabita Sahoo, Lecturer in Mathematics, Sambalpur University is working under the supervision ofDr. S. Pattanayak on the topic “Random Fourier Series and Random Entire Function”.
  • Tanaya Patel, Lecturer in Mathematics, M.G. College, Badmba is working onOperator Valued is under publication.