Ready Set Go



Since its inception, IMA has been striving to develop itself into an institution of excellence in education and research in connection with the contemporary and future requirements of resources in the state as well as in the country through meaningful education, original research. With the path-breaking innovations in both its curriculum and research, the Institute is rapidly gaining a legendary reputation globally.

The research philosophy has progressed from inter-displinary collaboration, to inter-institutional partnerships at national and international levels. The scope and scale of research has substantially evolved from the era of student theses to funded projects to interdisciplinary research programs.

In addition to offering formal Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programs in Mathematics and applied Mathematics, the Institute actively encourages its faculty to undertake sponsored and consultancy research projects in order to strengthen the research profile of the Institute. IMA provides an excellent environment for research and development activities.

Faculty members are encouraged to collaborate with other faculty members of IMA and other researchers of various Institutes for carrying out research in area of his / her expertise and other multi- disciplinary areas. The area of expertise .